NASA's Aerospace Professional Development Center at Oklahoma State University is part of NASA's Educator Resource Center Network.  It provides aerospace education resources and services to educators within Oklahoma.

Aerospace curriculum enhancement materials are available for kindergarten though college grade levels.

Educator guides, brochures, information summaries, color lithographs, posters, and CD-ROMs can be obtained free of charge.

New, name-brand VHS tapes can be traded for tapes recorded with one of our video collections.  Check our page with the catalog listing.


Aero-Space Technology
  • Aviation
  • Launch Vehicles
  • Rocketry
  • Space Shuttle


Biological and Physical Research
  • Life Sciences
  • Microgravity

Earth Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Spacecraft Imaging

Human Exploration and Development of Space
  • Astronauts
  • International Space Station
  • Living and Working in Space

Space Science
  • Hubble & Chandra Observatories
  • Earth's Moon
  • Mars Exploration
  • Solar System
Resource Materials Include:
  • Educator Guides
  • Information Summaries
  • Color Lithographs


  • Posters
  • CD-ROMs
  • Video Tapes



Most publications, lithographs, posters, classroom activities and bibliographies are provided to educators at no cost.  Blank VHS tapes  can be exchanged for VHS tapes recorded with your choice of collections.  See our online catalog!

If you need further information please contact us at our new location in the USDA building.

 Download our map in PDF form!


Aerospace Professional Development Center
206 North USDA Bldg 
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078-8089
Phone: (405) 744-6784
Fax: (405) 744-6785