Johnson Space Center Education Homepage
Offers a wide variety of programs for students and educators.

Johnson Space Center Traveling Exhibits
The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center operates an active traveling exhibits program whereby exhibits, displays, spacecraft models, spacesuits, and various space artifacts are made available for use on a first-come, first-served basis for short (1-29 days) and long-term (30-90 days) loans.

Aerospace Education Services Program Professional Development Workshop
In a workshop educators may receive training on lunar and meteorite samples.

NEW Two week summer workshops for Pre-K-12 educators
Teachers must complete an application and be selected to participate in the program.

For students who want information on the solar system and space travel.

Space Telescope Science Institute
Information and pictures from Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory
A convenient way to find NASA space science products and lessons for use in the class room.

Science at NASA
Public information on exciting research and topics in the news.

Thursday's Classroom
Provides a connection between NASA research and the classroom.

NASA Explores
This site provides weekly K-12 educational articles and lesson plans on current NASA projects.

Teach Earth
Find resources and programs for teaching and learning about the Earth system science and how our air, land, water, and life are interconnected.

Information on ISS and Shuttle sightings, upcoming missions, and astronauts.

The JASON Project
A scientific expedition designed to excite and engage students in science and technology.

NASA's Quest Project
Students and teachers can meet scientists, engineers, technicians and other diverse NASA professionals online.

An interactive project in which students observe clouds, report data to NASA, and compare their information with satellite data.

NASA Student Involvement Program
This national program of five competitions links students in grades K-12 with NASA's diverse and exciting mission of exploration, research, and discovery.


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